Stiral, an innovative company

Stiral: an innovative company

STIRAL is an innovative company based in the Grenoble area. This French region is renowned worldwide for its scientific dynamism, that offers a breeding ground for the emergence of new technologies.

Pioneer in the design and manufacturing of microchannel heat exchangers, Stiral has developed a breakthrough technology with the ultra-compact heat exchanger Comhex©. Thanks to its smart design, microchannels are now available on the both sides of the heat exchanger. In other words, hot and cold fluids flow through channels with a hydraulic diameter below 500 \; \mu m.

Its high-performance design allows to reach, at reduced costs, a very large area density (above   3000 \; m^{2}/m^{3}).

Key benefits of Comhex©

The intensification of thermal exchanges, thanks to the innovative design, brings major competitive advantages. It helps improving:

  •  Compactness
  •  Low mass
  •  Wide operating range at high efficiency
  •  High energy efficiency
  •  Low refrigerant charge
  •  Safety
  •  Sturdiness
  •  Meet regulations
  •  Low noise levels

Comhex© is not only ultra-compact, but also highly flexible and customizable. Fluids can be both liquid and gas. It can be used as single-phase heat exchanger and two-phase heat exchanger (condenser or evaporator) as well. Whatever your application is, there will be a Comhex© design that fits in.

Stiral: a customer-focused company

Stiral is proud to be a dynamic customer-focused company. Whatever your expectations are, you can rely on our skilled engineers to find the best technical solutions. Always listening, we will happily answer to any question you have about Comhex© and microchannels.

Whether you are starting a brand-new project or you wish to upgrade an existing installation, you can send us your specifications. Be sure we will study them carefully, with a great respect for the confidentiality your sensitive datas. We use specific software dedicated to our unique full-microchannel heat exchanger in order to give you an accurate pre-study of professional quality.

We put our expertise at your service to understand all your requirements. This is why we propose you a three-steps approach:

  1. What is your existing system?
  2. What needs to be enhanced? What are your priorities?
  3. We provide our  innovative “Comhex© answer” and you benchmark it with your older solution!

We are sure that upgrading to the innovative microchannel heat exchanger Comhex© will give you one of the best results you can expect from a compact heat exchanger in 2019 and later!

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