Comhex©: a revolution in microchannel heat exchangers

Comhex© is a smart and small heat exchanger based on the innovative technology of full-microchannel. This means that, unlike the traditional MCHE, both fluids flow through microchannels. Hence, the heat exchange surface is greater and the efficiency of the heat exchanger increases sharply. This is one of the many advantages of the full-microchannel technology, such as a lower footprint and a drastic decrease of the refrigerant charge that will help you meeting environmental regulation or security rules.

The Comhex© name comes from COMpact Heat EXchanger, to highlight its high level of compactness: the area density of Comhex© can compete successfully with the area densities of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) and Marbond Heat exchangers.

Comhex© settings

Thanks to its adaptative design that makes him intrinsically multipurpose, Comhex© can fit many situations:

  • Liquid-liquid
  • Liquid-gas
  • Dual phase-liquid

This enables the design of efficient evaporator or condenser.

All our heat exchangers are made of stainless-steel, for the sturdiness, the reliability and the reasonable cost of this material. The stainless-steel brazing with nickel alloys assures good resistance to the galvanic corrosion (that could happen with a copper-based brazing) and offers a wide range of temperatures, until 600°C (or 1100°F).

Comhex© applications

The flexibility of that Comhex© microchannel heat exchangers makes it suitable to many implementations:

  • Battery thermal management.
  • Power electronics cooling.
  • Heat recovery from liquids or exhaust gas.
  • Heating & cooling (HVAC, vehicles): condensers & evaporators.
  • ICE & hybrid engines cooling.
  • Your specific request…

The high adaptability of the Comhex© design and sizing, and the great versatility of the stainless-steel allow tailor-made solutions that will suit to your specific request.

Light weight and high resistance to corrosion are key-requirements for some applications. This is why we develop the full-microchannel design on new materials such as aluminium and copper. More specific alloys can be studied on demand. At Stiral, we are not only willing to help for today’s challenge, but also to solve the tomorrow’s ones.

Comhex© is unique worldwide.
Its powerful design is right now available in stainless steel. A copper Comhex© for marine is coming soon. And soon after, two aluminium devices will be released : one for automotive, the other for aerospace.

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Full-microchannel heat exchangers Comhex were successfully evaluated!

A serial of benchmark tests were performed on heat exchangers Comhex. They were compared to the performance of a traditional BPHE on both condenser and evaporator settings of a heat pump. Results are strongly in favor of Comhex, with a significant reduction of the refrigerant charge and a higher heat transfer capability per unit of internal volume (improvement above 100%!)


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